[A6I4] ==>

tipsyGnostalgic [TG] began pestering undyingUmbrage [uu]
TG: psst hey calliopes bro
TG: i got
TG: a secret message 4 u
TG: it is
TG: ehehm
TG: ....
TG: sooooooooo
TG: did that work
TG: calliope calliope calliope
TG: is 3 times the charm
TG: come onnnnn
TG: wake up sleepy head!
TG: le
TG: maybe youre just afk?
TG: i hope ur dumb POS brother doesnt end up reading this instead
TG: man i wish you would wake up
TG: rly wanna talk to a friend about everything that just happened
TG: i mean another friend who is not part and parcel to my 3 bffs ridorkulous nonsense
TG: guess ill just give u the scoop on the haps for whenever you wake up
TG: so yeah we all finally entered our game

> [A6I4] ==>