[A6I4] ==>

TG: i think i was being the worst kind of turd 4 opposing the idea so long
TG: guess i thought i was being noble
TG: like sacrificing something that was important and we all wanted anyways just so i could fuck with the witch and her plans
TG: but i dunno what i was thinking
TG: cause this shit here is p great i have got to say
TG: now we are all of the sudden in this crazy place full of pretty green hills and a black empty sky
TG: i never actually seen anything like plants growin or a country side
TG: its so peaceful and quiet here
TG: i mean the racket my loudmouth pals are makin notwithstanding
TG: we are just chilling at jakes old broken house on a mountain figuring what to do
TG: lol this all happened so fuckin fast!
TG: i cant believe were all together like this suddenly
TG: just
TG: hangin out
TG: in actual person
TG: in our moon jammies
TG: this is better than i ever thought it would be in the silliest and stupidest way
TG: it feels so surreal and amazing just being here with my friends
TG: im still not even sure how this all came together
TG: mostly a lotta machiavellian/heroic XTREME STRIDER BULLSHIT

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