[A6I4] ==>

TG: i dunno
TG: ill try to make better sense of all this later
TG: i just wanted to tell you
TG: and thank you for all you did to bring us together like this
TG: it has meant so v much 2 me
TG: oh guess what i even have a new lightning bug pal!
TG: he is toties cute + friendly + blinky as all getout
TG: i think i will name him
TG: doctor blinkbottom
TG: no thats shit
TG: how about
TG: twinkly herbert
TG: lmfao that is kinda sucky too
TG: but i like it
TG: so i am a keep it
TG: herbert just blinked in total agreement omg what a friend
TG: ok calliope
TG: by which i mean.......
TG: eh?
TG: ehhh???
TG: still nothin?
TG: k well i should go then
TG: my party is getting a lit bit rowdy over there
TG: oh my god what are they actually doing

> [A6I4] ==>