GT: I cant believe its already been...
GT: How long?
GT: What, like a year already since we entered? Holy moly, where does the time go.
GG: It's been more like five months.
GT: Oh.
GT: Well thats still a pretty long time.
GT: I have to admit its been a longer stint than i expected. Certainly one involving more downtime than i would have guessed.
GT: I really thought we would have been treated to more action, what being legendary players of a mysterious cosmic game. But no, it seems the primary duty of the so called nobles is to wait around twiddling our thumbs.
GG: Mmhmm.
GT: I am really beginning to wonder when these fabled heroes will arrive? And are they really going to be those we have been led to believe?
GT: I sure hope so. Id so love to meet my pen pal. Dear old departed grandma. But as a feisty youngster! What a hoot thatll be. And you with your poppop. Lets not forget about him.
GT: Not to mention the young strider and lalonde relatives. I bet theyre a barrel of laughs. I met them once but i was too shy to say anything. Then i got in a fight. Did i ever mention that jane?
GG: Yes.
GG: Many times.
GT: Not to say its been all downtime and doldrums. Exploring has been great. Finding treasure, solving riddles, becoming better friends. I wouldnt trade that for anything.
GT: And maybe we are getting close to something big happening regardless? Every day it seems like more and more undead creatures crawl from out of the shadows. Bigger ones and stronger ones. Does their presence herald something worse coming, just as the legends indicate our presence heralds something better?
GT: I just wish we could actually kill the fucking things. Even the little ones can absorb so much damage before yielding any spoils!
GT: Remember jane? Remember at the start how we kept trying to kill them?
GG: Mmhmm.
GT: We would all gang up on like an imp skeleton for an hour just clobbering it repeatedly. Knocking its bones down, waiting for it to reassemble and keep coming at us. Only to finally be rewarded with a shitty pittance of grist!
GT: But i guess the silver lining was it forced us to explore ruins more often and scavenge for loot there. So i think weve learned a lot more this way.
GT: But it sure makes resources hard to come by, having to get them exclusively from chests and whatnot. Sometimes i wonder if weve been missing out on a really rewarding part of the game by neglecting to build up our houses? Makes you wonder. But it just costs so much! Better to stick to making more practical stuff dont you think?
GG: Mm.
GT: Sometimes i wonder if the heroes had the same problems in their game. Do you think they found an easier way to kill skeletons?
GT: Were they just as shameless as us when it came to splurging our precious grist on swanky new duds?
GT: Did the same enigmatic bard haunt their game? And if so which hilarious dead trolls did he throw into the flashy blobs?
GT: Mr erisol tells me he knows many things about the heroes because he saw them in action when he was alive. But he wont tell me a thing about them! These troll sprites sure do love keeping their secrets dont they? Heheh.
GG: That's nice, Jake. I'm kind of busy though.
GG: What did you actually want to talk to me about?
GG: Actually, why don't we just talk about it tomor-
GT: Okay we can talk about that if you insist.
GT: Really jane you sure know how to twist a fellas arm!
GT: I just wanted to get your take on what you might call my own personal ultimate riddle.
GT: It involves dirk.

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