GT: It never ceases to amaze me how excellent you are at this friendship business. Where would we all be without you?
GT: In a way you really have been the glue holding us all together on our adventure. Gosh youre a standup gal.
GT: Oh which actually reminds me of ANOTHER thing thats been bugging me about dirk.
GT: He can often be almost hilariously self absorbed. Dont even get me started on when he starts going off on these long monologues about his philosophical gobbledygook.
GT: I'm not sure he actually has much of a filter when it comes to what others regard as interesting points of conversation.
GT: Not to rag on the guy too hard but i guess at times i would just like to see a little more self awareness from him is all.
GG: Jake.
GT: Did i tell you what happened on our last expedition together?
GG: Jake.
GT: I cant remember if i mentioned. Oh man but thinking back on what happened its even more ridiculous in retrospect.
GT: Where do i begin?
GG: Jake!!!
GT: What?
GG: Shut up!
GT: Huh?
GG: Shut up!!!
GT: Errr.
GT: Did i say something wrong?

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