TG: (heck yes)
TG: (hes so perf)
TG: (callie check him out)
UU: ..- --
TG: (that aint even a painting)
TG: (ahaha its so shitty)
TG: (did someone like)
TG: (grab a random ass low res wallpaper off the internet)
TG: (of a jolly wizard doing what appears 2 be the worlds dumbest spell)
TG: (and saved at low quality then just like)
TG: (printed it way too huge)
TG: (lmao)
UU: ---... ..-
TG: (its not even scaled proportionately)
TG: (its stretched extra wide to fit this expensive as fuck frame)
TG: (is that shit like)
TG: (literal solid gold)
TG: (ahahahahah i cant even deal)
TG: (whoever did this was a wonderful genius)
UU: -.-- . ... --..-- / -... ..- - / .-- . / .... .- ...- . / - --- / --. --- !
TG: (yeah im coming!)
TG: (sheesh callie)
TG: (u got to stop and sniff some roses now and then)
TG: (by which i mean)
TG: (ogle some garish wall wizards)
TG: (such are the simple joys of life)
TG: (anyway in conclusion and in summary)
TG: (daaat)
TG: (wizzerd)

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