TG: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TG: ...
TG: calliope?
TG: that u
UU: yes, it is i!
TG: holy shit
TG: the most pious and reverential of shits
TG: turd in a church callie
TG: you startled me!
UU: sorry! :u
TG: but yeah so
TG: hey!!!
TG: nice 2 finally meet you
TG: wow wee ur pretty
TG: so when you said you werent good looking it turns out that was a bunch of baloney?
UU: no, roxy. i am afraid it was not a helping of yoUr delicioUs earth baloney.
TG: aw dont say that
TG: also you said you were a cherub
TG: but if i am not mistaken you appear to be a troll
TG: unless cherubs actually look like trolls?
UU: alas, we do not.
UU: this is not my trUe appearance. i have taken the form of my trollsona.
UU: i wanted to look more presentable for oUr meetUp. UnfortUnately my trUe visage woUld likely repUlse or frighten yoU.
UU: that is not the first impression i woUld like to make.
TG: girl please
TG: trust me theres nothing you could look like that would make me scared of you or grossed out
TG: i am your friend and i know youre nice inside no matter what, so
TG: could i see the real u?
UU: that is so kind of yoU to say. i can believe that a lovely person like yoU woUld be able to stop herself from recoiling at the sight of my monstroUs face.
UU: bUt it is oUt of the qUestion. i am mUch more comfortable appearing to yoU this way.
UU: really it has more to do with my own dissatisfaction with the way i look than any lack of trUst in yoUr character.
UU: yoU Understand, don't yoU?
TG: yes
TG: its ok callie you can go on keep being a cute troll
TG: im just happy to see you
UU: likewise!
UU: i wish it coUld be Under better circUmstances thoUgh.
UU: we may not have mUch time here.
TG: wheres here exactly
TG: am i still dreamin?
UU: yes. i have led yoU to a dream bUbble of my own design.
UU: my imagination and thoUghts dictate what yoU see here.
UU: as i told yoU earlier, my brother is hUnting for me. so i have created a little sanctUary in space to stay hidden from him.
UU: that is why i coUld not speak to yoU earlier. not oUt loUd at least. he is highly sensitive to my presence, so it is very easy for me to get his attention if i'm not carefUl.
UU: bUt as long as we stand in the centre of this vortex, we may speak as loUdly as we like! no information can escape this dark pocket, so long as i maintain it.
UU: and seeing as yoU are a hero of void, yoU make an ideal gUest to bring home for one who wishes to remain hidden. thoUgh i will say the fact that yoU are my best friend is a lovely bonUs. ^u^
TG: best bonus!!!
TG: 4 real though its so nice to finally see you no matter what you make urself look like
TG: ive wanted to tell you all about whats been going on with me and my friends since we got together
TG: its been so fun hangin with them even in spite of lets be frank, some truly SELECT teen drama
TG: mmmm see how im kissin my two pinched fingers here? mwah it was like that
TG: the embarrassing teenanigans have been SUMPTUOUS and come highly recommended
TG: no but really its been great, and after some time irl with them it started feelin weird to think we were ever even apart
TG: yet sadly it was not complete because the moment i met them all was also the moment i totally lost touch with my other cool bffsy from THE WEBS
TG: i tried calling and calling your name but you never answered
UU: i know.
UU: i am sorry. u_u
TG: dont be sorry i knew youda answered if you could have
TG: i guess maybe you hid yourself so deep in this dream i couldnt wake ya?
TG: damn this must have sucked spending all this time here hiding from your asshole brother
TG: like i know hes a dick i talked to him enough times to get that but
TG: whys he tryin to kill u so bad?
UU: he is not trying to kill me.
UU: he has already sUcceeded at that.

> ==>