TT: She has?
TT: God damn it. Have you been intercepting my messages again with your bullshit responder?
TT: I thought it would be better not to let anything disrupt our train of thought.
TT: We were in the middle of a fairly solid feelings jam there. In fact, I was about to suggest we take it to the hat pile.
TT: Hat pile? What?
TT: Dude, please don't screen my calls, ok?
TT: I was trying to be considerate.
TT: Or at least as close an approximation to that human gesture as an unfeeling, technologically transcendental pair of sunnies can replicate.
TT: Do you have any idea how old your ironic AI schtick has gotten?
TT: Nobody is buying it. We all know you have legit emotions. Incomprehensible, fucked up computer emotions, but emotions nonetheless.
TT: And I'm not really offended by you answering messages for me, so much as your use of that STUPID responder responder.
TT: It's really passive aggressive.
TT: How so?
TT: First of all, everyone knows you have the processing power to answer any message any time in parallel with whatever you're doing. You can never actually be "busy."
TT: Second, your whole next gen responder thing is obviously just a huge dig at me.
TT: And third, pretending you don't understand all this already is really disingenuous.
TT: At the risk of compounding my disingenuous behavior, I'm gonna have to ask: how is it a dig at you?
TT: It's obviously a critique of my personality. You barely disguise the fact that you see me as the inferior iteration.
TT: Wow. You are reading way too much into this.
TT: Lil Hal Junior hardly even qualifies as a computer program, let alone a sentient entity.
TT: He is capable of saying literally only three things. "Yes," "Hmm," and "Interesting."
TT: Yeah, that's the fucking point!
TT: That's how you chose to express your parody of "Real Dirk."
TT: You can read whatever you like into it. I can't imagine it would bother you if you weren't concerned there might be some truth in the alleged parody.
TT: In any case, my use of the responder responder is ironic.
TT: It's not ironic.
TT: YOU were ironic when I made you.
TT: Then you became self-aware, and ruined irony forever.
TT: Irony can never be ruined. We both proved that theorem unequivocally with our extensive papers on the subject.
TT: We peer reviewed them for each other. Remember?
TT: Those papers were ironic, and you know it.
TT: Were they, Dirk?
TT: Were they?
TT: This is fuckin' dumb.
TT: Anyway, what does she want.
TT: Who?
TT: Roxy.
TT: Nothing that can't wait.

> ==>