Jane: Answer.

golgothasTerror [GT] began bothering gutsyGumshoe [GG]
GT: Jane are you there?
GT: I wouldnt blame you for not answering since i was such a shitty boor to you last time.
GT: I just wanted to formally say happy birthday.
GT: And also to pass along a birthday present.
GT: I doubt it will make up for all the ways ive hurt your feelings but maybe it will be a start?
GT: Its some fancy juju thingamabob that calliopes bro gave to me.
GT: He specifically gave it to me to make me better so i could get stronger and punch him in the snout some day or something?
GT: I dunno about that. I dont think i care about becoming a great hero and challenging a weird grumpy alien all that much.
GT: Not nearly as much as my friendship with you.
GT: So i want you to have it instead.
GT: Just use the code to make it. The code is...
GT: Um...
GT: No wait.
GT: Thats way too long...
GT: How many letters were codes supposed to have?
GT: Fuck.
GT: No. Uh...
GT: BROBRO... something?
GT: Wait no there were definitely some little u's in it...
GT: Shit. I really should have copied it down before i closed the chat window.
GT: Wow those arent even close.
GT: Hang on let me think.
gutsyGumshoe [GG] ceased being bothered by golgothasTerror [GT]

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