TG: so the report is
TG: that i already said to some chumps & im getting max fatigued repeatin it
TG: im on derse we need to be god tiers and die on slabs n junk
TG: + im invisible cause of ring
TG: w/e
TG: oh
TG: i think your dads here and hes probably alright?
TG: so theres that
TG: oh!
TG: i saw callie 2 shes ok
TG: well i mean shes dead
TG: but in ghost form
TG: so shes as ok as one can be who is also dead
TG: which is apparently just fine?
TG: so the lesson of the moral is u can be way fine & dead at sames time
TG: jane let us now reflect upon the weighty existential ramifications of that thing i said
TG: yesssss
TG: just me an my bestie, ballin hecka reveries 2day
TG: the biggest questions which have tormented the wisest scholars and pundits for mad epochs just got so roflariously owned
TG: hey callie also said she would send you a bday thing?
TG: did u get
TG: she must have sent a code
TG: which you have to make urself
TG: so
TG: maybe youre doin that now?
TG: hope ur doin that
TG: im real curious 2 know what it is suddenly
TG: man
TG: im bored

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