ARQUIUSPRITE: Mister bro, listen to my advice
ARQUIUSPRITE: I think you should just go for it
ARQUIUSPRITE: This is coming not only from your mystical guide, not only from an alternate version of yourself, but from a dude with a spectacular body
ARQUIUSPRITE: We both know you're never going to be happy under ordinary circumstances
ARQUIUSPRITE: You just do not have the right kind of think pan to sustain that emotion
ARQUIUSPRITE: 100k at me. I needed to merge a sweaty guy who loves horses in order to be happy
ARQUIUSPRITE: Gosh horses Dirk
ARQUIUSPRITE: I think about them all the time while I fle% and it makes me smile
ARQUIUSPRITE: It seems that similarly e%treme measures will be needed for you as well
DIRK: Oh whatever.