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golgothasTerror [GT] began pestering tipsyGnostalgic [TG]
GT: Roxy?
TG: yynnnnnrrnrng wat
GT: I take it by that disgruntled series of letters that youre feeling about as cruddy as me and jane right now.
TG: yea jake
TG: welcome to hangover city
TG: population
TG: some extra chumps besides me 4 a change
GT: Well you know what they say about misery. And how it supposedly enjoys company.
TG: hrrrnngh
TG: no it doesnt
TG: it enjoys a wet towel draped over its head
TG: and less talkin
GT: Hiyoooo!
GT: Point well taken.
TG: omg stop being so chipper dude do u feel like shit or not
GT: Indubitably. Rest assured it feels like a brood of anxious vermin is making its most valiant effort to escape from my skull.
TG: lol jake english w a hangover everyone
TG: slow clap

> Act6act5act1x2arrows


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GT: Pardon?
TG: im just sayin if youre hung over for the 1st time pls do the experience some justice
TG: ur giving suffering a bad name
GT: I will say the multicolored lights from my computer strobing directly into my eyeballs arent helping the matter one freaking bit.
TG: (not literally cuz ow)
TG: jake here is some sage advice from a veteran of substance abuse and its deleterious consequences
TG: dont use your fuckin skulltop when you got a hangover u dork
GT: Well i wouldnt but i just gave jane my only other device.
GT: I dont know how many times ive told her to keep more than one computer on her no matter what in case of situations just like this.
TG: oh
TG: whys she want a computer
TG: is that who dirks talking to now
GT: I dont know. Maybe.
GT: Shes not exactly talking to me at the moment.
GT: Not that i can blame her.

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