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GT: Er roxy while youre at it...
GT: Do you think you could relay the same sentiments to dirk?
GT: I was thinking about all the stuff he said to me while we were all telling him to dance.
GT: And yeah i was really being a prick when i ran away to lomax.
GT: He was right about everything. I should have come clean about wanting some space.
TG: dammit jake
TG: after your whole bravery spiel you wanna relay double apologies thru me??
GT: I know! Im so terrible im sorry!!!
GT: Im just not feeling up to those conversations yet.
GT: My head is KILLING me! Augh grandma why did your sweet skull based computing technology have to be such a BRAIN FUCKER!
TG: well i cant do it
GT: Why?
TG: cause im sort of
TG: kinda
TG: not talkin 2 dirk either
GT: Why not??
TG: cause of
TG: reasons
TG: :(
GT: Golly.
GT: But you are talking to jane yes?
TG: y
GT: Well...
GT: Seeing as shes presumably talking to dirk...
GT: And youre relaying my apology to her already...
GT: Why dont you relay my apology to dirk through her?
TG: omfg jake
TG: jake no
TG: lmao
GT: Why not!
GT: Shed probably be a sport about it.
GT: Hell they could probably bond over what an absolute douchemuffin ive been to them both.
TG: look jake you squeezed a spanish sigh outta me are u happy
GT: And if theres some heavy business youre having trouble addressing with dirk in person you could get jane to relay him a message for you as well!
TG: ahahahaha jake
TG: jake i
TG: no jake
TG: thats so
TG: alright ima tell jane like p much exactly what you said
TG: but only because its so fuckin dumb and hilarious

> Act6act5act1x2arrows


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TG: jane jake wants u to pass an apology to dirk for him too
GG: What?
TG: is tru
GG: This is just getting silly.
TG: he wants you both 2 bond over his douchemuffininess
TG: ps douchemuffin was his word not mine
TG: im being hellies impartial about all this
GG: We were already sort of doing that!
TG: oh yeah?
GG: Wait, don't tell him that.
GG: That would be mean spirited.
TG: hold up what are you and dirk saying
GG: Oh nothing.
TG: anything bout me
GG: No!
GG: Just some stuff we should have talked about a long time ago.
TG: gotcha
TG: oh also
TG: he wants me to tell you to give a message to dirk from me too while youre at it
TG: the crocker switchboard is LIGHTING UP today
GG: Why does Jake want you to give Dirk a message through me??
TG: um because hes ridiculous?
GG: Do you actually WANT to say something to Dirk, but can't at the moment?
TG: oh
TG: uh
TG: not really
GG: Hm??
TG: well
TG: idk
GG: Wait, is Dirk not talking to you for some reason?
GG: Is that why Jake suggested going through me?
GG: Good gravy, this is getting complicated.
TG: no
TG: well i mean
TG: maybe he does got a bone 2 pick with me and dont wanna talk
TG: but im not sure
TG: mainly its that i cant bring myself to talk to him
GG: Why not?

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