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GT: Roxy?
GT: Rox! What is she saying?
GT: Talk to me roxy!!!
GT: Please dont leave me hanging here.
GT: I cant take it i cant bear having two of my closest chums hate me and then having you shut me out on top of that!
TG: ok sheesh jake calm ur microshorts
TG: im here
GT: Ah there you are.
GT: Im sorry for being a pest but i just see jane there pecking away at conversations with you and dirk and it feels like youre all kind of leaving me behind.
TG: no jake nobodys doin that
GT: Ok yeah im probably being paranoid...
GT: But ive done such a bangup job of alienating my other friends.
GT: So youre the only one i can talk to for now.
GT: Wait i havent alienated you yet have i?
TG: nah dont worry we are still humanated
GT: Are you really sure roxy? Are you sure youre not just trying to spare my feelings?
GT: You can be honest with me! If you hate me now too please just say so.

> Act6act5act1x2arrows


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TG: no i dont hate you i promise youre still my bro god dammit!
GT: Ok. Phew!
GT: Then talk to me!
TG: um
TG: about what
GT: I dont know. Anything! What are you talking about with jane?
TG: my drinkin problems
GT: I see.
GT: Would you like to talk about them with me? Maybe i could help!
TG: damn jake
TG: like
TG: that is cool and appreciated in theory?
TG: but this is some kinda heavy shit 4 me
TG: i rly dunno if i can do double duty on my alcoholism with you and jane simultaneously
GT: Oh. Yeah thats probably not the best way to go.
TG: yes prolly not

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