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TG: yeah
TG: so not cool lookin back on it
TG: and i had no excuse i always knew he was just
TG: SUCH a gay dude
TG: and i guess maybe hitting on a guy who dont like girls once or twice maybe is alright or even flattering but after so long it was probably just pissing him off or messing with his head or something
TG: it def wasnt what he wanted to hear from a friend
TG: let alone day in and day out through garbled drunktexts
TG: so when i fuckin harassed him into kissin me...
TG: it just brought back some low rent shit i thought we put behind us
TG: just another way i completely humiliated myself in front of him
GT: So is that why you cant talk to him now?
TG: mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm
GT: I certainly have no trouble relating to that.
TG: yep
TG: i dont even know why really
TG: hes like taciturn to the max about everything
TG: but theres somethin about him
TG: that just makes it hurt to feel like you let him down

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GT: You really love him dont you?
TG: siiigh
TG: yeah jake i guess
TG: the answer is
TG: a categorical unapologetic fucking 'yeah'
TG: but
TG: i dont think that was much a secret
TG: and the fact that it was so LOUDLY not a secret exemplified my stupidity on the matter
GT: Its fair to say i never came close to feeling as strongly about him as you.
GT: I envy you actually. Ive actually worried at times that i just wasnt capable of feeling that way about anyone.
GT: And maybe thats why i was just meant to be alone.
TG: ehh you aint missin much
TG: love is a brutal shitninja w/ turds 4 nunchucks
TG: be grateful that stank ass motherfuckers flippin out nowhere near you

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