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GT: Did you need it for something?
TG: need it?
TG: not really
TG: i just really liked that ring
TG: kinda spoke to me in a way
TG: hehe
TG: want to know something lame?
GT: Yes.
TG: the moment i first saw that ring
TG: i was like in my head
TG: thinkin
TG: some day i want to give that ring to the person i marry
TG: whoever that is
GT: Daw.

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GT: Thats not lame thats nice.
TG: nah its pretty lame but w/e
TG: shows what sorta one track mind i got
TG: god i am obsessed with findin somebody to kiss arent i
TG: it is rly quite pathetic
TG: although the funny thing is the ring turns you invisible
TG: which might be my subconscious telling me something about my lovelife
TG: like i find a guy of my dreams
TG: slip it on his finger
TG: and POOF he disappears!
TG: bye bye hubby
TG: o well dont matter
TG: the ring is gone
TG: and with it so too
TG: are my lame, lame dreams ;(

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