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GG: Is everything ok?
TG: yeah he just wanted to make sure i dont hate him like yall do which you dont even
GG: I... see.
TG: so im just talking to him a bit to help him not feel bad
TG: sorry
GG: That's ok.
GG: You were saying?
TG: i was gonna say why i finally quit drinkin
TG: i mean if you want to know
GG: Yes.
GG: Actually, once you did stop, it made me finally realize it was a problem for you for a long time.
GG: And I didn't say anything at the time, but it made me wonder if I wasn't doing the right thing before.
GG: By failing to point out you might have a problem? Or just going along with it and participating in lively banter any time you clearly had too much to drink?
GG: Was I just being a bad friend?
TG: nah it wasnt your responsibility to fix my shit
TG: and anyway i think i made it hard for anyone to come at me like it was a real problem
TG: i was always joking around so much and havin a good time like kind of overzealously so
TG: that i probably just made people feel like a shitty wet blanket for even mentioning it

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GG: How long do you think it's been a problem?
TG: i dont know its hard to say exactly when i started getting real carried away
TG: just at some point i discovered a load of my moms centurys old booze in the house
TG: and i didnt have much to relate to her by except her books
TG: so i felt like drinking was a way to be more like her
TG: or be closer to her kinda
TG: and there was nobody around except the silly chess people
TG: who in a way just made me feel more alone
TG: cause they reminded me i was only one of two humans left and the other was an ocean away
TG: so little by little
TG: i got out of hand
TG: and one of the only things i had to look forward to was the idea that the game was supposed to be able to bring my mom back
TG: assuming i even decided to help the batterwitch out by playing at all

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