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TT: So that's how crazy it is for her to think I'm disappointed in her.
TT: The truth is, she's the most amazing person I ever knew.
TT: She's everything in a human being I wish I could be, but can't because I'm in my own way.
TT: Honestly, I'm not even sure if I'm worthy of dying next to her.
TT: I think she probably felt bad for hitting on me all those years. Like I was getting fed up with her, or something.
TT: But all it really did was make me feel guilty.
TT: That I couldn't give her what she wanted.

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TT: Like, settle down and have a couple weirdo goddamn kids with her some day.
TT: I guess there were times I thought about it. Being all alone on Earth with her and stuff.
TT: I couldn't though.
TT: Have to stay true to myself.
TT: Still, she would deserve it.
TT: Nobody deserves to get all the things they always wanted more than she does.
TT: And it suddenly seems kinda stupid that I think these things about her but she doesn't even know it.
TT: I guess I should tell her all this some time.

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