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GG: I think that would be nice.
GG: Of course, she IS right there, you know.
TT: I know.
TT: I'm a little reluctant to drop all that on her.
TT: Looking at what I just said, it's...
TT: Kind of overwhelming?
TT: I feel like in a way you can destroy somebody with effusive praise.
TT: Or maybe I'm just projecting how I would feel about that kind of intense positivity coming at me. I dunno.
TT: But I still think confessions like that can change stuff between people. Like the way they act around each other.

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GG: Maybe it's worth it?
TT: Maybe.
TT: Or maybe it's better to just say...
TT: Not so much of it?
TT: Like all at once.
TT: Maybe it'd be better for now if you could pass a short message to her for me.
TT: If only to help kill this awkward silence between us.
GG: Like what?
TT: Could you just tell her,
TT: I love her?
TT: No wait!
TT: I mean.
TT: Not in that way though.
TT: More like...
GG: Dirk, I know what way you mean!
TT: Ok. Good.
TT: Yeah.

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