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DAVESPRITE: but you are kind of missing some important shit here
DAVESPRITE: we spent three faux relativistic years cruising through the metaphysical asscrack of nowhere
DAVESPRITE: and when we finally get here youre all tuckered out
DAVESPRITE: like yall didnt sleep enough on this boat already
DAVESPRITE: some of the sicknastiest shuteye anyone ever got i owe to this friggin boat
DAVESPRITE: dude this is a big deal everyones waiting for us out there
DAVESPRITE: i mean...
DAVESPRITE: probably
DAVESPRITE: i dont know where we are some green hilly place with all these stone henges sprinkled around
DAVESPRITE: did you know there could be a plurality of stone henges i didnt but guess fucking what
DAVESPRITE: henges APLENTY where this place is concerned
DAVESPRITE: hey wheres jade

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