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VRISKA: We've amassed a coalition of eager volunteers ready to lay down their ghost lives for a worthy cause.
JOHN: you mean fighting lord english?
VRISKA: When we're ready for that, yes. 8ut we need the treasure first.
VRISKA: So for now they're sailing well ahead of us in large num8ers to attract his attention, so he can do more damage to the ring and fill out the rest of our maps.
VRISKA: We should 8e very gr8teful for their 8ravery. They are making a no8le sacrifice for us all.
VRISKA: We really don't need your play 8y play commentary on everything!
JOHN: wait, you're mind controlling all those ghosts?
VRISKA: Well, not all of them.
VRISKA: Once you group enough together, others tend to latch on to the mo8 out of curiosity. We trolls have a way of clustering together naturally.
VRISKA: You've got to understand, John. Most of these people are pretty self a8sor8ed. They just needed a little 8it of persuasion to join the cause.
MEENAH: word
JOHN: yeah, but...
JOHN: isn't that still kind of, um...
JOHN: dickish?
VRISKA: 8ut all these stu88orn jackasses are going to dou8le die anyway if we don't all work together and kill this guy!
VRISKA: This is WAR, John. In times of war, difficult decisions have to 8e made with the lives of many.
VRISKA: Just think of me as a general giving orders to my troops. It just happens that the orders are a little more direct in this case.
MEENAH: hey serket deuce
MEENAH: lets not lose track a whos actually in charge of this shit mkay
VRISKA: Yeah yeah.
VRISKA: All hail Her Imperious Teen Condescension, the fresh new face of tyranny, Supreme Admiral Peixes.
VRISKA: At this time I would like to motion for a fifteen minute 8owing 8r8k so that we may demonstr8te our reverence for this 8old, spunky leader.
MEENAH: yessssss
VRISKA: Tavros, stop 8owing. That was a joke.
MEENAH: no keep doin that
MEENAH: lower swabby
MEENAH: face on the fuckin deck
MEENAH: yes just like that perfect
JOHN: how do you mind control so many ghosts at once?
JOHN: isn't that kind of hard?
VRISKA: Well, I do have a little help.
VRISKA: John, did I mention?
VRISKA: My ancestor........
JOHN: she is?
ARANEA: I must admit, I was not in favor of the idea at first.
ARANEA: 8ut Vriska made a very strong case for using our com8ined powers in this way.
ARANEA: In a perfect reality, no one would have to get hurt. 8ut the stakes are too high to 8e shying away from such measures.
VRISKA: See what I mean??
VRISKA: The 8est.
JOHN: uh.
ARANEA: It has 8een wonderful spending so much time on this adventure with my descendant.
ARANEA: Not just 8ecause it's helped me get to know her 8etter, 8ut 8ecause it's opened my eyes to things a8out myself I was never really in touch with.
ARANEA: There are certain capa8ilities within me I have never quite 8een a8le to face, and she's helped me realize I've 8een hiding from them all my life, and well 8eyond.
ARANEA: It must 8e true what they used to say on my world. That if you really want to know who you are, look to the legacy left 8ehind 8y your ancestor.
ARANEA: I think that wisdom works in 8oth directions!
VRISKA: Well put, Marquise. I've always felt the exact same way!
MEENAH: oh my glub the serk twins bein adorbubble again
MEENAH: nitram get your mop ready for swabbin up all this vomit comin out ma mouth
MEENAH: can you two stick a fork in the sentimental carp
MEENAH: maybe pretend you aint hit it off so good
MEENAH: you ever stop and think how this makes me feel
ARANEA: There's no reason to 8e jealous, Meenah. You know nothing has changed a8out our friendship.
MEENAH: jealous
MEENAH: bitch no
MEENAH: just makes me think about my kid descendant
MEENAH: an how instead of having this cool friendsy relation with her i just got this uncontrollable urge to stab her to death so she dont threaten my supremacy
MEENAH: which is a shame cuz she so cute 38(
MEENAH: cod damn my royal blood and the cray junk it makes me have to do
MEENAH: aw well
MEENAH: maybe some day ill find an heiress who my genes dont instinctively make me wanna murder on sight
MEENAH: then i can teach her the badass ways of being a boss n shit!
JOHN: (god, trolls are so weird.)

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