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ARANEA: You really liked it that much, Vriska?
VRISKA: Hell yeah!
VRISKA: Oh my god. That leprechaun stuff? Soooooooo good.
VRISKA: Right guys?
ARANEA: Wow. Well, I would 8e happy to continue then, if you-
VRISKA: Mindfang, have I told you how gr8 it's 8een to get to know each other, and team up on adventures and stuff?
VRISKA: I really feel like you've helped me get in touch with my ancestral roots. Mainly as a kickass storyteller.
VRISKA: It was like this whole part of my personality I was never aware of. Like the part that's compelled to just outright explain tons of really interesting things to people, while sparing no detail whatsoever.
VRISKA: It's made me feel a lot closer to understanding my aspect, as well as closer to you. So I just wanted to say, thanks!
ARANEA: Aw, you're welcome!
ARANEA: I feel the exact same way a8out my time with you.
ARANEA: You have really helped me get in touch with the true pir8 within. I saw in you the adventurous spirit I always wished I could 8e.
ARANEA: You helped me finally understand the virtue in rationalizing questiona8le decisions, and 8ehaving unscrupulously for the gr8ter good!
VRISKA: Haha, stop! You're going to make me start tearing up.
VRISKA: Get over here and give me a hug, alpha sister.
ARANEA: ::::)

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