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JOHN: hey.
JOHN: aradia, was it?
JOHN: can i ask you something?
JOHN: you seem reasonable, and pretty nice.
JOHN: so i'm wondering.
JOHN: how do you feel about all this?
ARADIA: about what exactly
JOHN: about what vriska and her pirate buddies are doing.
ARADIA: you mean searching for the weapon?
ARADIA: i think its a good idea
JOHN: no, i know.
JOHN: of course it would be great to have an awesome secret weapon, whatever it is.
JOHN: i mean...
JOHN: how do you feel about the way they've been searching for it?
JOHN: by using all your ghost clone friends as bait.
JOHN: and getting the bad guy to blow them all up to reveal the way to the treasure?
ARADIA: thats probably the only way to find it
ARADIA: in my experience the specific path you travel out here is very important
ARADIA: if we did not trace that exact path in that amount of time i doubt we ever would have found the right location
ARADIA: in fact it may never have been found by anyone
JOHN: ok, yes.
JOHN: let's assume it was the only way to find it. granted.
JOHN: but i mean, does that really make it the right way to beat him?
ARADIA: i couldnt say
JOHN: well, how do you feel about it?
JOHN: most of the other pirates seem cool with it, so i'm wondering if you feel differently.
ARADIA: its probably necessary
ARADIA: and they would have embarked on this voyage whether i had come along or not
ARADIA: so i might as well join the fun!
ARADIA: isnt that what you did when you saw our ship?
JOHN: um...
JOHN: sort of.
JOHN: but i didn't know what you were all doing yet.
ARADIA: yes but once you found out you continued journeying with us
JOHN: yeah, but...
JOHN: i'm just hanging out here cause i'm asleep! what else was i going to do?
ARADIA: exactly!

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