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ARANEA: The rings are said to look nearly identical.
ARANEA: 8ut their powers are quite different, as are their origins.
ARANEA: The Ring of Void supposedly once 8elonged to the 8lack queen of a void session.
ARANEA: 8ut one day it was stolen from her 8y a thief. And then stolen again from the thief 8y a rogue.
ARANEA: Legend would suggest it changed hands like this for a long time thereafter, until finally vanishing into the void itself forever.
ARANEA: Which is fitting, as the ring grants its wearer the a8ility to do exactly the same!
ARANEA: The Ring of Life has a very different story.
ARANEA: I have found no reports of an origin to this ring at all. Like many magic artifacts, it may not even have one which is comprehensi8le.
ARANEA: Earliest reports I have read would suggest it was first discovered 8y some travelers in a desert, and like its sister ring, has changed hands repeatedly since.
ARANEA: This ring however has a dramatically different effect. Instead of releg8ting the wearer to o8scurity and immateriality, it does just the opposite.
ARANEA: It is said that any ghost who wears this ring will come 8ack to life!
ARANEA: In some stories, the f8 of each ring appears to 8e entangled with the other. When one is lost, the other is serendipitously found.
ARANEA: A gr8 example of this can 8e o8served in the fa8le of-
VRISKA: W8 a minute........

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