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VRISKA: What?? No, Sollux, w8!
SOLLUX: nah, i've pretty much had it t00.
SOLLUX: i can't believe i went al0ng with this f0r as l0ng as i did, s0 yeah.
SOLLUX: i'll be fucked tw0 ways fr0m perigees eve bef0re i let tavr0s upstage me in the backb0ne department.
SOLLUX: aradia, s0rry, i can't be a part 0f this anym0re, it's just making me feel dirty.
ARADIA: i understand sollux
SOLLUX: let's catch up again later, h0pefully when this is all 0ver.
ARADIA: yeah :D
SOLLUX: 0h, feferi and nepeta will be c0ming with me t00.
VRISKA: No they f8cking won't!!!!!!!!
SOLLUX: yes they will! they just t0ld me.
VRISKA: I d8dn't hear them say shit!
SOLLUX: they b0th gave me meaningful glances!
SOLLUX: like as if t0 say, aw yeah, let's b0unce.
SOLLUX: instead 0f underestimating the perspicacity 0f the sens0ry impaired, why d0n't y0u bite me.
VRISKA: No, they can't go! Commodore Nepeta and Rear Admiral Feferi are 8oth critical mem8ers of my crew!
VRISKA: This is mutiny!!!!!!!!
ARANEA: Vriska, I am on your side here. 8ut I feel I should point out that technically they 8oth outrank you.
VRISKA: Excuse me?!
VRISKA: No they don't! Come on, I just gave them titles that sounded cool!
VRISKA: How can you outrank a captain????????
ARANEA: 8y 8eing a commodore?
VRISKA: A commodore outranks a captain?!
MEENAH: yea fraid so
ARANEA: Yes, and a rear admiral outranks a commodore.
VRISKA: No, 8ut!
VRISKA: I thought a rear admiral was like...
VRISKA: Some sort of JOKE rank!
VRISKA: Who can take a rear admiral seriously? It might as well 8e a poopmaster!
MEENAH: um no serk its actually a real thing
MEENAH: god damn for a pirate you really know fuckall about nautical junk
MEENAH: pretty embarrassing tbh
SOLLUX: yeah, this stuff is all super interesting. j/k, l0sers.
SOLLUX: anyway, we're 0ut.

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