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JOHN: vriska, i have to be honest. years ago when we first talked, it was a lot of fun to get to know you.
JOHN: and i admit i thought about you a lot since then.
JOHN: but i guess i never quite realized how little i actually understood you.
JOHN: during this crazy treasure quest, i tried to reserve judgment, like maybe it was just a troll thing i didn't get.
JOHN: but seeing how those other guys felt about it, i think it's more complicated than that.
JOHN: obviously not all trolls are like you.
JOHN: and i know i'm not.
JOHN: maybe this was all for a good cause, but it still felt like a pretty fucked up way to go about it.
JOHN: and...
JOHN: all i'm saying is, i'm ready to go. i've seen enough, and i miss my friends.
JOHN: i'll think about what to do with the ring, but honestly...
VRISKA: Honestly what?
JOHN: again, i am just keeping it real!
JOHN: but if i am really thinking hard about who i should bring back to life...
JOHN: i dunno if my conscience can justify bringing back someone so...
JOHN: dangerous.

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