[A6I5] ==>

VRISKA: The treasure's down there.
VRISKA: If my guess is right, it should 8e 8uried in one of his ancient memories.
VRISKA: 8y now we've all 8een wind8agged to hell and 8ack 8y my dear ancestor.
VRISKA: So I'll trust no8ody's gonna mind indulging one of MY stories.
VRISKA: There was a pretty good yarn a8out this treasure I read once during our travels.
VRISKA: Found it in some damn memory, who knows whose.
VRISKA: It was a good read. IMPECCA8LE prose. Failing to do it justice would be the real matter of gray morality here, if you ask me.
VRISKA: 8ut right now I 8n't in the mood to figure out how not to make it fucking suck.
VRISKA: So I'll just say this.
VRISKA: It was supposedly a weapon that once 8elonged to him.
VRISKA: 8ut he could never use it without altering its nature.
VRISKA: Meaning he could only use it once.
VRISKA: So he did.
VRISKA: After that, it could only 8e used again one more time.
VRISKA: And only as a weapon against him.
VRISKA: Knowing it was one of the keys to his defeat, he had it locked away deep in the void.
VRISKA: That's it. Part one of my story. Hold your applause.
VRISKA: Guess we'll find out if that's true.
VRISKA: Or if it turns out all my despica8le shit was in vain.

> [A6I5] ==>