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ROSE: No but, Karkaya.
ROSE: The Mayor.
ROSE: I'mmm telling you.
ROSE: Wat ay friend.
KANAYA: You Are Not Actually Suggesting This Simple Creature Dressed In Rags Is Your Intellectual Superior
ROSE: And if I am? ;|
KANAYA: How Would One Even Draw This Conclusion
KANAYA: He Does Not Speak
ROSE: Ohhhhh...
ROSE: He has his ways of letting is thoughts be known.
ROSE: He hays his ways.
KANAYA: He Does Not Have His Ways He Likes Cans And Little Pretend Cities And He Is Rather Adorable And That Is Pretty Much All There Is To Say About The Mayor
KANAYA: Please Do Not Distract From Important Issues With Talk Of Fake Mayors
ROSE: What issues?
ROSE: My indrescretion wich alcoholol?
ROSE: Or someshing else...
ROSE: I yam sensing we are tap toeing around a mixed bag of delicate subjex.
ROSE: Less talk about em ;).
KANAYA: This Is Not A Hypothetical Exercise In Your Earth Psychiatrics!
KANAYA: You Made A Promise To Me And You Did Not Keep It!
KANAYA: Yes You Are Usually Very Smart And We All Need You But More Importantly I Need You!
KANAYA: Dont You Remember!
KANAYA: You Said You Would Help Me Resurrect My Species!
KANAYA: I Still Dont Know How Im Going To Acquire A New Matriorb!
KANAYA: How Are We Supposed To Solve That Problem When Your Think Pan Is Addled So!
ROSE: Kamaya, why do'nt we go aesy on the shout poles.
ROSE: I tolt you, to relax about the matribob.
ROSE: Have some faith in us, that we;re going to make everything work out.
ROSE: I have a vvvery goog feeling i twill all be fine. ;)
KANAYA: That Is Not Reassuring Coming From You Like This!
KANAYA: I Often Cant Tell Even At Your Most Lucid If You Put Too Much Trust In Your Seering Abilities
KANAYA: But When You Say Such Things While Obscured By These Toxins You Sound Outright Delusional!
KANAYA: You Stumble Around This Lab In Such High Spirits Which Makes It Impossible To Broach The Subject From A Standpoint Of Mutual Agreement That Your Behavior Is A Problem!
ROSE: But if I'm always happay then...
ROSE: Why IS it a problem?
ROSE: Im'm not following. I would LIKE to, wait am I...
ROSE: Have I been being a bistch to you witout realizing?
ROSE: Oh noh...
KANAYA: No Not Exactly
KANAYA: I Have Already Explained
KANAYA: You Have Severely Hobbled Your Intellect And Your Efficacy
KANAYA: The Objectives You Prioritize Have Become Ridiculous
KANAYA: You Have Just Now Decided To Draw A Map Of A False Metropolis!
KANAYA: Others Have Suffered As Well
KANAYA: What Ever Happened To Your Concern For Terezi And Gamzee
KANAYA: Were All My Lessons In Auspisticism For Nothing??
ROSE: I tried!
ROSE: I tried, Kakaka.
ROSE: But aushitspitschism... or whatever...
ROSE: Is's
ROSE: It sactually REALLY HARD!
KANAYA: I Know Its Hard!
KANAYA: Its Supposed To Be Hard!!
KANAYA: And My Name Is Not Kakaka!!!
ROSE: Whoops I'm sorry, Yakaya..
ROSE: .. Kayolo.
ROSE: ., ...
ROSE: Papaya. Shit!
ROSE: Your name is so lovely, why can't I shay it!
KANAYA: You Cannot Say It!
KANAYA: Because You Are!
ROSE: ... .
ROSE: Yuo're right,
ROSE: My delinqancy has bend inexcusable.
ROSE: If you just help me fishish indexing an gathring up the rest of theze cans, we-
KANAYA: Raaararraauuuaaaauuaghghgghgggghhgh!

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