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JOHN: hmm.
JOHN: alright. then i guess that settles that.
MEENAH: no but you dont understand
MEENAH: if i ganked your ring and put it on
MEENAH: and became not a ghost anemonemore
MEENAH: and had to hit the road and conquer stuff
MEENAH: i would miss my friends 38(
JOHN: then, uh...
JOHN: don't?
MEENAH: no blue boy you arent listening
MEENAH: i cant even handle it
MEENAH: thinkin aboat ditching my fronds
MEENAH: they meant so much to me since i been dead
MEENAH: ya feel me blue dweeb
JOHN: yes.
JOHN: my friends mean a lot to me too.
MEENAH: the serket twins
MEENAH: they just
MEENAH: bleugh
MEENAH: look at em
MEENAH: so disgustinly adorbs together
MEENAH: all likin each other and BEING like each other and junk
MEENAH: i dont think i could take it
MEENAH: i aint ready to say fareshell

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