[A6I5] ==>

MEENAH: araneas all like
MEENAH: learnin to be unscrupulous never thought the girl had it in her
MEENAH: makes me so glubbin proud
MEENAH: her stories blow hole but i still love listenin
MEENAH: dont tell her i said so but
MEENAH: i like hearing her so happy like she is just so damn pleased to hear herself yack about dumb shit
MEENAH: on the other flipper...
MEENAH: i legit love vriskas stories they are punchy and hammy as fuck
MEENAH: girl think she in the movies or somefin lmao
MEENAH: we had our difs at first but really shes so badass
MEENAH: i wish my old pals could a been half the give no fucks boss she is
MEENAH: all i ever wanted from my posse was somemoby i could thug it with
MEENAH: i mean w/o bein a psycho batshit skank
MEENAH: wont name names you know who i mean
JOHN: uh, no?
MEENAH: as for soft core megido i
MEENAH: yeah
MEENAH: this bitch i could take or leave?
MEENAH: iunno shes aight i guess

> [A6I5] ==>