[A6I5] ==>

JOHN: so the treasure's in that chest?
JOHN: are you gonna tell us more about it yet?
VRISKA: Yes, that was going to 8e part two of my story.
VRISKA: Which starts right now!
VRISKA: This thing is some sort of juju.
VRISKA: As I'm sure you know 8y now, jujus are magic items that can do all sorts of things. 8end time and space, trap souls inside them, stuff like that.
VRISKA: The more potent jujus tend to 8e pretty versatile. I dou8t even he knew the full extent of its powers.
VRISKA: He supposedly got this thing as a 8oon for slaying a very powerful denizen. As if the guy even needed any more sick endgame rewards.
VRISKA: That's all I'm gonna say for the moment, since I'm sure everyone is dying to see it 8y now.
VRISKA: Only a complete asshole would make us w8 any longer to get a look at this thing.

> [A6I5] ==>