[A6I5] ==>

JOHN: i'm not too worried.
JOHN: this is just my dream hologram self, or some nonsense.
JOHN: how many times has meenah stabbed me with her fork?
MEENAH: (not enough blue stooge)
MEENAH: (not enough by a nautical mile)
JOHN: and i always wake up fine!
VRISKA: It's not just a8out you, John.
VRISKA: This is a very powerful juju. You'd 8e messing with some forces we don't fully understand.
ARADIA: sounds like a dare to me
VRISKA: Oh my god.
VRISKA: Alright, whatever. I'll 8e fucked if suddenly I'm gonna 8e the lone voice of prudence and sound judgment in our 8adass pir8 clu8.
VRISKA: If you really wanna plunge your fist through some sort of hole in reality, then 8e my guest!

> [A6I5] ==>