[A6A6I1] ====>

ROXY: ok i opened it
ROXY: hey look its the same shit as before
ROXY: im supposed to make this weird knobbly spike ball appear out of nothin
JADE: yes
ROXY: ok got it
ROXY: let me give it a shot then
ROXY: ...
ROXY: welp still impossible
ROXY: what now maam??
JADE: it is not impossible
ROXY: is 2
JADE: you are the rogue of void
JADE: dont you know what that means?
ROXY: i dunno
ROXY: means i can turn invisible and stuff?
ROXY: like the blonde in that crappy superhero quartet
JADE: it means a lot more than that
JADE: your true powers are more impressive than those of anyone else in your crappy quartet
JADE: in fact i would say they are almost as cool as mine >:)
ROXY: not sure the ability to make weird spikeballs outta nothin is all that cool tbh
JADE: not just spikeballs!
JADE: imagine that your title is roughly synonymous with "one who steals nothing"
JADE: what do you think it means to be able to steal nothing?
ROXY: it means
ROXY: im like a shitty cat burglar who sucks at her job?
JADE: it means just the opposite
JADE: it means you can steal the essence of nothingness from something
JADE: you can rob nothingness from an idea if you put your mind to it
JADE: effectively allowing you to conjure virtually anything out of thin air
ROXY: omg
ROXY: u cant be serious
ROXY: that is way too much superpower 4 a dork like me 2 have
JADE: grrrrr...
ROXY: oh no
ROXY: pls dont growl @ me dogjade
ROXY: is legit frightening :(
JADE: im sorry, but your remarks of self deprecation made me very angry
JADE: once i was even more of a dork than you
JADE: but now i am one of the most powerful beings who has ever existed
JADE: i dont want to hear any whining about what you think you cant do
JADE: you are hereby under strict orders from myself and her condescension to "clam up" and conjure that orb, do you understand?
ROXY: so im just supposed to
ROXY: sit here and think about this ugly ball
ROXY: and twiddle my fingers or somethin
JADE: you tell me
JADE: space is my racket, not void
ROXY: maybe it would help if i knew what the dang thing WAS
ROXY: how am i supposed to steal the nonexistence from a concept when the concept only exists in my mind as "ugly ball"
JADE: its called the matriorb
JADE: it is the key to resurrecting the troll race
JADE: once you create it the empress will hatch it on an uninhabited planet located beyond the reach of her cruel employer
JADE: there her people will have another chance to thrive without the ever looming threat of extinction that comes with his influence
JADE: so you see roxy, there is nothing noble about refusing to help
JADE: once an entire alien race went extinct because of a terrible monster, and you can help give them a second chance
JADE: dont you want that?
ROXY: um
ROXY: in theory sure i guess
ROXY: but ur basically asking me to bring a lot of people back to life so they can be slaves to that witch
ROXY: u want me to help make all these fresh new trolls but then just turn em over to her? like here you go have fun SNORKELBITCH MEGAHITLER
ROXY: i do not actually think i wanna do that??
JADE: yes fair enough, but heres the other thing...
JADE: if you dont i am going to kill you
ROXY: oh noes
JADE: oh yesses!
JADE: a literal plurality of yesses
JADE: seeing as you are a god tier it is very likely you will come back to life
JADE: so i can just keep killing you over and over a different way each time
JADE: maybe i will disembowel you a few times
JADE: i will not even need to use my sharp doggy teeth!
JADE: i will just snap my fingers and your delicious guts will teleport outside your body
ROXY: ew!
JADE: no way more like yum
JADE: i will just keep on killing you again and again
JADE: until you finally get tired of dying and follow your orders
ROXY: maaan
ROXY: evil jade is sucky jade
JADE: i believe you will find i am the suckiest jade there is
JADE: now we are going to be here in this cell for as long as it takes
JADE: i am not going anywhere until you try doing your voidey thing and make something appear
JADE: is that understood?

> [A6A6I1] ====>