[A6A6I1] ====>

JADE: he was just here wasnt he
DAVE: no
JADE: how do you even know who im talking about??
DAVE: look all i know is egbert most definitely didnt just appear out of nowhere and catch me weeplaughing at my selfies
JADE: dave i know he was just here
JADE: i can smell him
DAVE: i keep my apparment misted with his odor at all times
DAVE: essence d'egbert
JADE: degbear?
JADE: what...
DAVE: no like the french pronunciation
JADE: ah
DAVE: anyway im just a lot more comfortable when my whole place reeks of nerd musk
DAVE: so that explains that
JADE: you cant fool me dave
JADE: i will track him down sooner or later
JADE: in any case it doesnt matter
JADE: i came here to see you, not him
DAVE: you did
JADE: come with me

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