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JADE: you dont?
JADE: i thought it was common knowledge
JADE: when you cast healing magic on a zombie or dracula they die!
KANAYA: How Do You Figure
JADE: i dont know...
JADE: isnt that how it works in stories and games and such
JADE: seems pretty logical to me
KANAYA: I Think You Are Presuming To Know A Lot About My Nature Which Is Not Actually True
KANAYA: It Sounds As Though Youre Suggesting That I Have Qualities Similar To Certain Types Of Shadow Droppers Which Is Not Quite The Case But Even If It Was There Are A Lot Of Myths About Shadow Dropper Physiology That Are Commonly Perpetuated By Popular...
JADE: i can see a demonstration will be in order
JADE: jane
JADE: if you would be so kind

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