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JOHN: i dunno.
JOHN: but i think it might have to do with this new power i have.
ROSE: What power?
JOHN: it's not a god tier power.
JOHN: it's something else. something i got when i stuck my hand in a magic thing.
ROSE: A magic thing?
JOHN: um, that's a long story.
JOHN: one involving pirates.
ROSE: Pirates??
JOHN: i said it's a long story!
JOHN: anyway, when i put my hand in the thing...
JOHN: i became all... blurry.
ROSE: Blurry.
JOHN: yes.
JOHN: and i kept randomly getting blurry and disappearing.
JOHN: and now i think i'm sort of unstuck in existence.
JOHN: like i'm not fully a part of reality anymore, or bound by the rules governing it.
ROSE: ...
JOHN: man, i'm doing a terrible job explaining this.
JOHN: ok, the bottom line is, now i just randomly disappear sometimes!
JOHN: and i reappear somewhere else in time and space.
JOHN: but it's not really like normal time travel.
JOHN: at least, i don't think so.
JOHN: with regular time travel, the rules are pretty strict.
JOHN: either paradox space already accounted for your time traveling, and you were always supposed to do it all along...
JOHN: or you messed up, and changed something you weren't supposed to. in which case you just made a bad timeline, and everyone dies or something. right?
ROSE: Sure.
JOHN: but this isn't like that.
JOHN: i'm not sure how i know, but it feels like these jumps are totally outside all those rules.
JOHN: when i jump somewhere, like in the past...
JOHN: i think i can actually change stuff that isn't supposed to be changed.
JOHN: which makes me kinda nervous!
ROSE: Hmm.
ROSE: Can you demonstrate this ability?
JOHN: not really.
JOHN: i mean, not intentionally.
JOHN: i can't seem to control the jumps.
JOHN: maybe that's for the best though.
JOHN: if i could control it, and tried to use it to my advantage, i would probably just make a huge mess of things.
ROSE: Even so, it will be worth noting if you're able to refine the ability.
ROSE: Could you please keep me informed of any developments?
JOHN: yeah!
ROSE: And while you're at it, maybe you could tell us exactly what happened just after we arrived.
JOHN: ummmm...
JOHN: well, we were all pretty confused at first.
JOHN: you all just appeared out of nowhere, and started babbling about evil jade.
JOHN: you asked me what happened, but i didn't know anything because i just got there myself, and was all alone.
JOHN: but then it was cool, we all just walked around the land of hills and stone henges, or whatever it's called, and caught up a bit on the last three years.
JOHN: we were trying to figure out what to do, and decided it would be a good idea to try and meet up with all the new kids.
JOHN: but we had no idea where they were.
JOHN: and i still don't, except i have since determined that my teen nanna is evil too.
JOHN: but she is more like an evil robot than a scary wolf girl. um, but i digress.
JOHN: so we were planning to make some scouting expeditions to the new planets to look for them, and everything was fine.
JOHN: that is, until evil jade showed up.
JOHN: she made you all disappear again, and then came after me, but i used my windy powers to evade her, which really pissed her off!
JOHN: so she beat the crap out of me. :(
JOHN: but then i randomly zapped away, and have been running from her ever since.
JOHN: i am swishing the breeze around like crazy to throw her off my trail, but she keeps finding me.
JOHN: she's so crafty!
ROSE: That's good.
ROSE: We need you out there if we're going to stand a chance of accomplishing anything.
ROSE: I agree with our prior conclusions. Finding the other players is imperative.
ROSE: Given the current state of the session, I would not be surprised if they are all prisoners as well.
ROSE: Do you think you can find them?
JOHN: yes, i can try.
JOHN: what should i do when i find them?
ROSE: ...
ROSE: That's a good question.
JOHN: heheh.
ROSE: First, I guess just tell them,
ROSE: We're here.
JOHN: alright.
ROSE: I don't know. We'll figure something out.
JOHN: if i see your mom, is there anything you want me to tell her?
ROSE: My mom?
JOHN: yes. i mean, your kid mom, obviously.
ROSE: I know.
ROSE: Wow.

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