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DIRK: I've tried to get in touch with others to no avail.
DIRK: No answer from Jake or Roxy.
DIRK: And Jane responded only with "CEASE REPRODUCTION" in red letters, whatever that means. Then she blocked me.
DIRK: I'm afraid she might have snapped.
ARQUIUSPRITE: Yes, isn't it great?
ARQUIUSPRITE: I mean, aside from the fact that she is insane and evil
DIRK: Huh?
ARQUIUSPRITE: She is one of the few organic beings who will ever realize perfe%ion
ARQUIUSPRITE: Miss Crocker is now a vessel for a cunning, malicious artificial intelligence whose neural netroni% and ontology buffers and stuff like that have somehow managed to far surpass even my own
ARQUIUSPRITE: Clearly she has procured ma%imum advantage from her apprenticeship under me, although I must admit not even I in all my hypercognitive percipience was quite aware that said tutelage was even taking place
ARQUIUSPRITE: One must inviolably deduce via tons of math that this is because I am just that clopdarned STRONG at mentoring, even on an involuntary basis
ARQUIUSPRITE: I am so proud of her
DIRK: Ok, all that bullshit aside,
DIRK: What's this about her becoming evil?
ARQUIUSPRITE: The thing about Jane becoming evil is
ARQUIUSPRITE: In the process of achieving perfe%ion...
ARQUIUSPRITE: It seems there is a ludi%ly high probability that she has become evil
ARQUIUSPRITE: Does that answer your question?
DIRK: How is becoming evil achieving perfection?
ARQUIUSPRITE: Admittedly it is a blemish
ARQUIUSPRITE: But only a very small one
ARQUIUSPRITE: Her imperfect meatmind has been fully fiddling hijacked by a supercomputer and that is the operative transmutation here
ARQUIUSPRITE: To such e%ceptional beings of class and breeding as she and I, considerations of morality and alignment are trifling details
DIRK: Why.
DIRK: Why do I keep going along with these "ironic AI" conversations.
DIRK: They've gotten even worse now that you're half creepy troll.
ARQUIUSPRITE: Sir brah, listen
ARQUIUSPRITE: Here is a comparison that your dreary, finite wad of gray matter might be able to process
ARQUIUSPRITE: Like, say you've got a in' bod. You are a paragon of physical e%cellence
ARQUIUSPRITE: You could then either be oiled up, or not. See what I mean, good dude?
ARQUIUSPRITE: You could fle% your brawn while wearing either a sweaty pair of briefs, or a snug human banana hammock
ARQUIUSPRITE: Such minutia does not change the fact that you're a tiptop beefcake ma%ed out buffways
DIRK: I hate everything you have to say about all topics.
DIRK: Especially muscles.
ARQUIUSPRITE: The stuff I have cited which are commonly associated with your/our Earth bodybuilders are but picayune technicalities, just as considerations of good and evil are to aristocratic se%y cybergods such as myself and our imperial heiress, of whom neither you nor I are particularly worthy
ARQUIUSPRITE: Are you following any of this, Vitamin D?
DIRK: Can you just tell me what's going on over there?

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