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GA: What Problem
TT: The one pertaining to my substance abuse.
GA: Oh
GA: Right
GA: Okay
TT: Are you busy?
TT: You seem preoccupied.
GA: No
GA: Well
GA: Yes Sort Of
TT: What are you doing?
GA: Im Um
GA: Just Buying Some Things
TT: You're buying things?
TT: What things?
GA: Just Some
GA: Provisions
TT: Like what?
TT: And from whom?
GA: A Local Vendor
TT: Are you in a consort village?
TT: Don't those shops only sell jars of bugs and such?
TT: You're not buying jars of bugs, are you?
GA: No
GA: Definitely Not Jars Of
GA: Bugs
GA: No
TT: Kanaya, I'm confused.
TT: Could you be a little more descriptive?
GA: I Really Should Go
GA: Lets Talk About My Problem Later
TT: Your problem?
TT: Don't you mean my problem?
GA: Yes
GA: Definitely
GA: Bye
grimAuxiliatrix [GA] ceased trolling tentacleTherapist [TT]

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