Rose: Pester John.

EB: hey, that was a pretty, uh...
EB: nice...
EB: uh...
TT: Sweet catch?
EB: ... save.
EB: oh, yeah.
EB: that.
EB: this is pretty comfy.
EB: why don't you just like,
EB: carry the bed around with me on it?
EB: up to the gate up there!
TT: I can't interact with you directly, or anything that you are touching, if it will result in moving you.
TT: See?
EB: oh.
EB: lame!
TT: The game probably regards that as a kind of cheating.
TT: In a way, thieving you of your free will as an adventurer, and the need to advance by your own skill and ingenuity.
TT: The server player is just a facilitator.
EB: well, ok.
EB: all that scurrying around kind of wore me out, i think i'm going to rest here for a bit.
EB: rose, can you keep the imps at bay? like, drop some stuff on them if they sneak too close.
TT: No, you should pick up your hammer and defend yourself.
EB: what, come on!
TT: I have no idea what the hell Dave is up to, or if he's any closer to recovering the game.
TT: There's some stuff I'd like to try, in case he doesn't come through.
EB: oh alright.
EB: i'm just gonna rest my eyes here a second though.

> [S] John: Sleep.