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ROXY: how
JOHN: easy.
JOHN: i have a magic ring!
ROXY: what
ROXY: u have one too
JOHN: yes!
JOHN: wait. what do you mean too?
JOHN: you have a magic ring??
ROXY: i HAD one
ROXY: fuckin lost it though
ROXY: made peeps invisible who put it on
JOHN: ah.
JOHN: no, mine doesn't do that.
JOHN: it brings ghosts back to life!
ROXY: no wai
JOHN: yes wai. way.
JOHN: it's back at my house.
JOHN: i could go get it right now!
ROXY: damn son
ROXY: i find this 2 be some truly baller happenstance
ROXY: if ur claim is true im.......
ROXY: im cry :')
JOHN: it is quite true.
JOHN: it should be a piece of cake.
JOHN: you just wear it when you go to sleep, and it comes with you in your dreams.
JOHN: then you find your cherub friend, put it on her finger, and bring her back!
JOHN: i think you can only use it once though. so once she's wearing it, it would be hers forever, or at least as long as she wants it.
ROXY: yo
ROXY: yooooo
ROXY: john thats amazing
ROXY: i dunno though that sounds like
ROXY: such an obscenely precious commodity
ROXY: u sure you want to let me use it?
JOHN: sure.
JOHN: it's no big deal, really.
JOHN: for a while i was hanging on to it, thinking that i might give it to...
JOHN: aw man, this is going to sound dumb.
ROXY: hm?
JOHN: there was a girl who i was considering giving it to, for some reason.
JOHN: remember? she was the diabolical one who figured prominently in my long story.
ROXY: um
ROXY: oh yea
ROXY: fresca right
JOHN: yes, close enough.
JOHN: see, she REALLY wanted that ring.
JOHN: and she found out i had it, and...
JOHN: honestly, i'm not sure why it even crossed my mind to give it to her?
JOHN: i guess i was just used to the idea that i liked her for some reason.
JOHN: at least i thought i did.
JOHN: it was a stupid idea based on hardly anything. like one day of conversations.
JOHN: but since i've gotten to know her better...
JOHN: i don't know.
JOHN: i think i might actually...
JOHN: kind of hate her?
ROXY: yeah?
JOHN: yeah, she's...
JOHN: actually pretty awful!
JOHN: she's so full of herself, and mean to her friends, and...
JOHN: dangerous.
JOHN: really, really dangerous.
ROXY: ouch
ROXY: well what can i say john
ROXY: love sux
JOHN: yeah. it does.
JOHN: anyway, i don't think i can let anyone like that have the ring.
ROXY: but u dont mind trustin me w it?
JOHN: no!
JOHN: it's funny, after spending some time with a person who is legitimately crazy, it becomes easy to tell right away when someone...
JOHN: isn't?
ROXY: lol
ROXY: u sure about that
JOHN: well, yeah, everyone is a little crazy. i just mean not BAD crazy.
JOHN: besides, you don't even want the ring for yourself.
JOHN: you want to give it to someone you care about.
JOHN: that is what makes you one of the good guys.
ROXY: what a nice thing to say
ROXY: i bet sayin stuff like that is why ur their leader
JOHN: what makes you think i'm the leader?
ROXY: come on dude you are obvs the leader of otherkid teamsquad
ROXY: i can just tell
JOHN: haha, ok. i'll take that as a compliment.
JOHN: anyway, i'll go get the ring now.
ROXY: yay!
ROXY: ill wait here
ROXY: no need to set off the alarms with a daring escape just yet
ROXY: lets keep em lulled into a false sense of control over the sitch
ROXY: we can start scheming under their nose while u keep sneakin around undetected
ROXY: the last thing we want is for all hell to break loose before we know what were doin
JOHN: yeah, that's a good plan.
JOHN: if i had to guess, i'd say you must be the leader of your team squad too, right?
ROXY: naaaw
ROXY: that's jane
ROXY: as you can see shes the one with a knack for ruthless executive authority
ROXY: is a shame she only uses it when evil tho :(
JOHN: yeah.
JOHN: but maybe we can do something about that, if we work together.
JOHN: alright. off i go.
JOHN: keep practicing your powers!
JOHN: see you, roxy.

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