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ARANEA: Shello?
MEENAH: hey twerket
MEENAH: da fuck you think youre doin
ARANEA: I have no idea what you're talking a8out.
MEENAH: bullship
MEENAH: you went after the blue nerds ring
MEENAH: you wearin it now aint you
ARANEA: I couldn't say, Meenah.
ARANEA: I do like to wear jewelry from time to time, just like you.
ARANEA: It's certainly possi8le there is a shiny new ring on my finger.
ARANEA: So what if there is?
MEENAH: aranea so kelp me god
MEENAH: you need to take that shit off right now
MEENAH: throw it in a volcano or somefin and just come home
ARANEA: First, I would appreci8 it if you referred to me as Mindfang.
ARANEA: Remem8er how I've 8een trying to make that 8e a thing l8tely?
ARANEA: Second, I have no intention of discarding this ring, now or ever.
ARANEA: Wheels are already in motion, Meenah.
ARANEA: Irons are heating up as we speak!
MEENAH: wheels
MEENAH: irons
MEENAH: aranea what
MEENAH: mindfang what are you even planning
MEENAH: you gonna meddle?
MEENAH: you gonna meddle i just know it UGH
ARANEA: I am just taking some initi8tive for a change.
ARANEA: Has it occurred to you that it might have 8ecome a little tiresome for me to spend eternity as a 8oring no8ody while so many others got to play important roles in determining the f8 of reality?
ARANEA: Heck, you were 8arely dead for two minutes 8efore you started assem8ling an army!
ARANEA: Even my altern8 universe self got to lead an amazing life. Which is all well and good for HER........
ARANEA: 8ut what a8out ME, Meenah?
ARANEA: Water. 8oat. Me.
MEENAH: yo i feel you on that
MEENAH: trust me gurl
MEENAH: but you do realize youre makin a glubbin mess here
MEENAH: i mean you KNOW this shit aint like
MEENAH: part a the legit chain of events
MEENAH: you arent supposed to be there
ARANEA: Of course I know that.
ARANEA: Like I said, I have a plan.
ARANEA: I'm going to take over this session.
ARANEA: And then I am going to make sure it never 8ears fruit.
ARANEA: If I can stop this universe from 8eing cre8ted, then the young Lord of Time will never have hatched in the first place.
ARANEA: I won't merely 8e defeating an invinci8le foe. I will 8e erasing all the pain he has ever caused.
MEENAH: serk have you lost it
MEENAH: you know all youre doing is making another doomed timeline where everyone dies right
ARANEA: Of course I know that.
ARANEA: Please, Meenah. Don't insult me. I've given this a lot of thought.
ARANEA: If anyone else attempted this, what you said would 8e true. 8ut I am not just anyone.
ARANEA: I am a very powerful Sylph of Light. I have had millions of sweeps to hone my a8ilities.
ARANEA: As one gifted with the aspect of light, certain outcomes will 8e prone to 8r8king in my favor.
ARANEA: And as an ancient, highly experienced sylph, I wield an unprecedented a8ility to heal.
ARANEA: A doomed timeline is really just an anatomical feature of a much larger organism. Like a capillary which comes to an end, 8ecause it has withered and died.
ARANEA: I 8elieve I will 8e a8le to heal this offshoot.
ARANEA: And with enough time and patience, I am confident I can restore its vitality to such a gr8 extent, it will effectively take over as the alpha timeline, thus reducing English to a lost footnote of paradox space.
ARANEA: Then the new alpha timeline will flourish under my immortal care. I will watch over it for eternity, assuring peace and harmony everywhere. There will 8e a new progeny of universes, and those universes will 8eget more universes, and each will 8enefit from my good grace. I will personally make sure nothing like the English mishap ever occurs again.
ARANEA: I mean, this is mostly theoretical, of course.
ARANEA: 8ut the most important thing here is that I am involved now.
ARANEA: It is vital to all our interests that I at least TRY.
MEENAH: aight
MEENAH: so you just totally flipped your think pan is all
MEENAH: got it
ARANEA: I appreci8 the vote of confidence.
ARANEA: Are we a8out done here?
MEENAH: so your timeline healing fantasy aside
MEENAH: your plan is to just waltz in there
MEENAH: an knock over the whole session
MEENAH: you do realize that means youll have to take down my grownup self
MEENAH: like
MEENAH: not to blow my own conch but she is arguably the greatest deadliest most stylin badass who ever lived
ARANEA: I am aware.
ARANEA: 8ut there is no one who is in a 8etter position to deal with her than myself.
ARANEA: After all, who knows you 8etter than I? ::::)
MEENAH: ok yeah but
MEENAH: you aint exactly shoppin for her mindfang
MEENAH: she got all these sick powers yo
ARANEA: It's like I said.
ARANEA: I've had quite a long time to refine my a8ilities.
ARANEA: I will have a few tricks up my sleeve.
MEENAH: this is gonna go so terribubbly
ARANEA: Meenah, I must say your attitude is a little surprising.
ARANEA: I thought you were typically gung ho a8out such audacious escapades?
MEENAH: yeah well
MEENAH: theres audacious and then theres bald faced flipping insmanatee
MEENAH: beside
MEENAH: did you ever stop and think about me
ARANEA: What a8out you?
MEENAH: you being alive again
MEENAH: all runnin around stirring up trouble while im still a ghost
MEENAH: im gonna miss you
ARANEA: I'll miss you too, Meenah.
MEENAH: will i ever sea you again
ARANEA: I really don't know.
ARANEA: When you're trying to do the right thing, there is always sacrifice involved.
ARANEA: Remem8er? That's why we all died in the first place.
MEENAH: i guess
ARANEA: 8esides. I'm sure Vriska would approve of my plan.
ARANEA: May8e she can explain my reasoning 8etter than I have.
MEENAH: um no
MEENAH: actually serket deuce isnt down with this at all
ARANEA: She isn't?
MEENAH: nope
MEENAH: she thinks you bein dumb as a fuck
ARANEA: What did she say, exactly?
ARANEA: Were those her exact words?
MEENAH: dunno
MEENAH: this aint the serket twin message reelay service
ARANEA: Is she there with you?
MEENAH: yeah
ARANEA: Can you put her on?


MEENAH: call her yourself

MEENAH: bitch dont touch my clam
ARANEA: Very well.
ARANEA: You have 8oth made yourselves a8undantly clear.
ARANEA: I will go it alone. 8ut that's what I was signing up for in the first place, I suppose.
ARANEA: Good8ye, Meenah. Take care.

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