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ARANEA: Greetings, Jake.
ARANEA: We meet again.
JAKE: Aranea?
JAKE: Wait this means im still dreaming doesnt it.
ARANEA: On the contrary!
ARANEA: You are awake now.
ARANEA: And I, alive.
JAKE: Hold the phone...
JAKE: Youre not a spooky ghost babe anymore?
JAKE: Girl! Ghost girl.
JAKE: (Dangit!)
ARANEA: No, Jake. I have returned from the dead for good.
ARANEA: And I have come for you.
JAKE: G-g-g-
JAKE: Gulp. :o
ARANEA: Surely you remem8er the first time we met? And what we talked a8out?
JAKE: Yeah.
JAKE: Mostly?
ARANEA: I once spoke of your destiny. The one where8y you will deal the Lord of Time his first defeat. Do you recall?
JAKE: I mean...
JAKE: Maybe?
ARANEA: It doesn't matter. The plan has changed.
JAKE: It has?
ARANEA: Yes, Jake.
ARANEA: You see, in every hero of hope there dwells a gr8 hidden power, unrivaled 8y that of any other aspect.
ARANEA: And for a page, the journey to reach his full potential is longer than it is for any other class.
ARANEA: 8ut once that journey is over, how fearsome he 8ecomes!

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