[A6A6I2] ====>

ARANEA: I'm sorry!
ARANEA: There! See?
ARANEA: I am respecting your personal 8oundaries. We don't have to kiss!
ARANEA: Good grief, that went poorly.
ARANEA: I only tried to kiss you 8ecause I knew you were attracted to me!
ARANEA: I thought I was doing you a FAVOR!
ARANEA: I don't know what I'm supposed to........
ARANEA: You really are a piece of work, Jake. Here I am, a literal mind reader, and I still can't figure you out.
ARANEA: 8ut you're right.
ARANEA: My advances were inappropri8te, and in the future I will try to 8e more respectful.

> [A6A6I2] ====>