[A6A6I2] ====>

ARANEA: Who am I, you ask?
ARANEA: That is no short story, I'm afraid.
ARANEA: It all 8egan on a peaceful, idyllic planet called 8eforus.
ARANEA: Unlike the Alternian trolls, with whom you are no dou8t more familiar, my people were-
ROXY: wowee shut ur dumb blue mouth
ROXY: i been spying on ya
ROXY: and eavesdropping on all your smug trash
ROXY: and i couldnt help but notice that ring youre wearing
ARANEA: What a8out it?
ROXY: thats johns ring aint it
ARANEA: John's ring?
ARANEA: 8ut John never rightfully owned it.
ARANEA: In fact, it was originally intended as a gift to my young descendant.
ARANEA: It's only fitting that I wear it, and 8ring additional glory to the Serket name.
ROXY: yo
ROXY: thats another insane and smug thing u said just there
ROXY: do you even listen to urself
ROXY: for real though we were gonna give that ring to callie
ROXY: callie my goddamn bffsy from space
ROXY: shes a ghost and i wanna save her from her bro
ARANEA: Ah yes. The female cheru8.
ARANEA: I am perfectly familiar with her plight, as well as the relevance she purportedly has with respect to her 8rother's downfall.
ARANEA: In fact, I was one of the first ever to theorize a8out that! :::;)
ARANEA: 8ut the situ8tion has changed. That is all ancient history now.
ARANEA: I'm sorry, Roxy. 8ut I have no use for your cheru8 friend in my plans.
ARANEA: She will not 8e playing a role of any significance.
ROXY: oh man
ROXY: oh man
ROXY: i way hate you
ARANEA: Come on, now. Don't say things you can't take 8ack.
ARANEA: I'm actually very nice!
ARANEA: We are just getting off on the wrong foot here.
ROXY: no no
ROXY: no no no no
ROXY: oh man i rly hate you
ROXY: i cant even explain it i never hated somebody so much by just a few smarmy words outta their grody chew hole
ROXY: eugh yechh ick ick blarff!
ARANEA: ........
ROXY: so yeh um
ROXY: now that i buttered you up and all gimme dat ring!!

> [A6A6I2] ====>