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ARANEA: That was quite the 8lack solicit8tion though.
ARANEA: Unfortun8tely, I don't think I will 8e a8le to reciproc8 your feelings of hostility. I find you to 8e too charming.
ARANEA: Still, you do have a way with words. If we were compati8le in that quadrant, you might have swept me off my feet!
ROXY: bwuh??
ARANEA: 8esides, I don't have time for new relationships right now. Too many irons in the fire, as you can see.
ARANEA: It does get to 8e a little 8othersome having people fling themselves at you all the time. It's always 8een my curse.
ARANEA: Did you know just earlier today, your friend Jake could 8arely keep his hands off me? ;;;;)
ROXY: what
ROXY: no way
ROXY: ur a filthy liar
ARANEA: I've 8een known to em8ellish now and then.
ARANEA: Relax! I am just having some fun with you.
ROXY: ...
ROXY: wheeee
ARANEA: 8ut now the fun times are over.
ARANEA: I cannot have an invisi8le, intangi8le trou8lemaker tiptoeing around trying to sneak this ring off my finger.
ARANEA: So I'm afraid I will have to put you down.
ROXY: yeah right
ROXY: im a let you put me down over my dead body!!!
ARANEA: Don't 8e so dramatic.
ARANEA: Your 8ody will only 8e napping.

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