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ARANEA: Where did you come from?
ARANEA: I did not sense your approach.
DIRK: You can't sense what ain't real.
ARANEA: 8n't real?
ARANEA: It seems to me that you are quite real, Dirk.
DIRK: That's because my buddy Jake just helped me become a whole hell of a lot less fake.
DIRK: You see,
DIRK: He believes in me.
ARANEA: Honestly, Dirk. The convers8tion we are having right now 8ears a striking resem8lance to a8solute nonsense.
ARANEA: I recall once your dream self appeared out of thin air, just as you have done now.
ARANEA: And I did you the favor of helping you on your way. Don't you remem8er?
ARANEA: There's no need to thank me. I'm quite 8enevolent 8y nature. I prefer to do the right thing, even in situations where I'm not likely to receive credit for my good deeds.
DIRK: Holy shit.
DIRK: Can you stop saying stuff?
ARANEA: No need to 8e so rude. I'm just curious.
ARANEA: As an ancient and learned scholar, I'm versed in a wide range of unusual phenomena. However I must say I am flummoxed 8y the nature of your 8eing.
ARANEA: What exactly are you?

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