[A6A6I2] ====>

DAVE: terezi do you know whats going on here
DAVE: do you know what happened to jade
DAVE: and where the hell is karkat
DAVE: is he ok
DAVE: terezi
DAVE: terezi
DAVE: ok she looks pretty serious about stabbing that clown
DAVE: i can respect that
DAVE: what about you
DAVE: hey
DAVE: hey johns hot mom did you see what happened
DAVE: shit i mean
DAVE: johns evil mom
DAVE: did you happen to...
DAVE: damn
DAVE: ok that was a really embarrassing and inappropriate freudian slip there
DAVE: dont think im gonna rebound from that one
DAVE: im uh
DAVE: im gonna stop talking now

> [A6A6I2] ====>