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JADE: i wish i could tell you
JADE: but im still drawing a blank on everything!
JADE: i dont even remember what i was doing when i fell asleep
JADE: or even
JADE: IF im sleeping
JADE: er...
JADE: how are you supposed to tell if youre a ghost or not?
CALLIOPE: ghosts have spooky blank eyes like me.
CALLIOPE: bUt only after they remember they died.
CALLIOPE: so Until yoU recall what happened, i am afraid neither of Us will know.
JADE: darn
CALLIOPE: there is one way to be sUre, i sUppose.
JADE: what?
CALLIOPE: i coUld Use some of my potent anti-sleeping majyyks on yoU to see if yoU wake Up.
JADE: anti sleeping magics?
JADE: i mean majyyks?
CALLIOPE: bUt i mUst admit i am relUctant to do so, for selfish reasons. u_u
JADE: what reasons?
CALLIOPE: if yoU wake Up, yoU will disappear.
CALLIOPE: and i will be alone again.
JADE: aw
JADE: thats ok im in no hurry to go yet
JADE: or for that matter, to remember why im here
JADE: i cant put my finger on it
JADE: but i have this awful feeling something bad happened
JADE: specifically something that happened because of me
CALLIOPE: really?
JADE: yeah :(
JADE: im worried i may have done some things i wouldnt be proud of
JADE: that maybe i could have even...
JADE: hurt some people
CALLIOPE: that is hard to believe.
JADE: i hope its just my imagination
JADE: in any case i feel like i could use some rest
JADE: and you seem very nice
JADE: so id rather relax here with you for a while than jump right back into...
JADE: whatever craziness is waiting for me out there
JADE: by the way, i didnt catch your name...
CALLIOPE: i did not say it.
CALLIOPE: Using my fUll name coUld bring Us Unwanted attention.
CALLIOPE: instead yoU coUld refer to me by the name of my trollsona.
JADE: your trollsona?
CALLIOPE: it's callie.
CALLIOPE: pleased to meet yoU. :u
JADE: nice to meet you too callie :)
JADE: but
JADE: what is a trollsona?
CALLIOPE: it is the profile of a fictional troll which i enjoy pretending to be.
CALLIOPE: do yoU like her?
JADE: oh
JADE: i get it... you are not really a troll?
JADE: omg she is so cute
JADE: or i should say
JADE: YOU are so cute!
JADE: what a good idea
JADE: do you think i could make a trollsona too?
CALLIOPE: oh, yes!
CALLIOPE: that woUld be so lovely.
CALLIOPE: can i help?
JADE: sure!
CALLIOPE: which blood coloUr woUld yoU choose?
JADE: the BEST color obviously
JADE: which is green, DUH :p
CALLIOPE: that's the coloUr of my blood too!
JADE: wow really??
JADE: thats perfect
JADE: our trollsonas can be like
JADE: blood sisters or such
JADE: i dont know enough about troll culture to use proper terminology...
JADE: but lets just say thats what we are
CALLIOPE: agreed.
CALLIOPE: blood sisters it is!
JADE: what should my horns look like?
JADE: oh and for that matter
JADE: should i have horns instead of my dog ears, or in addition to them?
CALLIOPE: definitely in addition!
CALLIOPE: yoUr pointy ears are splendid.
JADE: ok
JADE: hmm where would they go though...
JADE: jeez i think we might need to do some drawings to make her look right
CALLIOPE: oh yes, let's!!!

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