[A6A6I2] ====>

JADE: callie...
JADE: there is something very familiar about you
JADE: are you sure weve never met before?
CALLIOPE: i'm qUite sUre.
CALLIOPE: i woUld certainly have remembered meeting yoU.
JADE: but you did know my name...
CALLIOPE: well, yes.
CALLIOPE: i knew OF yoU.
JADE: hmmm
JADE: i cant shake the feeling that we have spoken before
JADE: maybe in an old dream i cant remember?
JADE: im not sure if its the sound of your voice or what
JADE: i dont recognize your face, but then thats not what you really look like is it?
JADE: ...
CALLIOPE: before yoU ask, my actUal appearance is mUch less appealing, at least in my own view.
CALLIOPE: i woUld rather yoU didn't see it, if that's alright.
JADE: thats fine!
JADE: its not a big deal
JADE: if its true that weve met before, im sure ill remember in due time
JADE: lets not worry about it for now
JADE: by the way
JADE: what is with this stage?
JADE: is it from one of your memories?
CALLIOPE: i thoUght it was yoUr memory?
JADE: i dont think so
JADE: it would seem to be some sort of imaginary figment that turned into a real object
JADE: i wonder why it looks like a drawing?
JADE: hey why dont you come up here and help me get these curtains open
JADE: since its the only thing weve got in this boring vortex we might as well try to have a little fun!
CALLIOPE: yeah!!

> [A6A6I2] ====>