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JOHN: poor rose.
JOHN: she was always too brave for her own good.
JOHN: this is exactly what happened last time.
ROXY: last time?
JOHN: um.
JOHN: it was years ago.
JOHN: when jack killed our parents.
JOHN: and we tried to fight him but we weren't strong enough to face him yet.
JOHN: so he killed her.
JOHN: but at least that time...
JOHN: i could bring her back to life.
ROXY: how
JOHN: uh...
JOHN: just, like...
JOHN: using a certain method.
JOHN: that is not an option anymore.
ROXY: ...
JOHN: that's the weird thing about this for me.
JOHN: i'm sitting here, looking at my dead friend.
JOHN: and it's really sad.
JOHN: but at the same time...
JOHN: all of this has already happened before.
JOHN: the death and tragedy and stuff.
JOHN: getting painted into the corner of yet another unwinnable situation.
JOHN: it keeps happening.
JOHN: and i don't know how to stop it!
ROXY: yeah
ROXY: me neither

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